Change Your Newsfeed and Learn How to Talk to Your Kids About Social Media

“For every evil in the world, there is love going unnoticed,” a friend of mine wrote on Facebook early this morning.

This concept is something I’ve been noodling on for a few years. How can we choose to pay more attention to love when our Newsfeeds are FULL of negativity and school shootings? How do we hand the reigns of social media over to our children and know that their mental health and personalities won’t be affected? How do we foster more connection and love online? The answer: to pay attention to it.

Everyday there is connection and positive events happening on Facebook (and other social media platforms). It is just being overshadowed by politics, arguments, and negativity. Most of the parents and other unsure adults I talk to (especially those of us who grew up in the age of analog) are terrified of social media because they don’t fully understand it.

Social media isn’t going away. Our kids will be communicating with it whether we allow that to happen under our roofs or not. Textbooks are being replaced with iPads. Phone calls are being replaced with text messages. Consumption of the daily news is being replaced with Facebook instead of TV. It’s happening.

Let’s learn how to pay attention and spread positive messages to each other. You can control your newsfeed. You can have conversations with your children about the impact social media has on their brains and friendships. You can encourage good, positive behavior online. You can bring awareness to the fact that everything they see may not be real and that their self-worth is not determined by how many likes they receive on Instagram. 

Ok – so where to start? I’ve created a group on Facebook (ironically) to start a conversation and post your thoughts, fears and stories. Click here to access the group:

Join the conversation and let’s open up about our fears. Let’s share stories of connection and bring light to the places that scare us.