Intern Expectations | Part 3

Brand Yourself has taught me many life lessons thus far but more importantly, I have been given the opportunity to learn many new software, programs and apps that are used throughout the marketing world. Here are a couple of things I have enjoyed learning:

Editorial Calendars

My favorite job that I am assigned to do is upload editorial calendars for our clients. For this task, I am asked to use two different softwares, such as Hootsuite and Hubspot, depending on the client. I am given the content for the upcoming month and I schedule each post for each different client. I would have to say that I enjoy using Hootsuite more than Hubspot because I find it easier to post on each different social media platform using this software.

Quarterly Reports

Another big job that I enjoy doing is pulling reports. I enjoy doing this because it shows the results of our hard work. I find the analytics for each social media platform each company has, and put it all into a report where recommendations for future campaigns are added. It is then delivered to each client and used to guide the next quarters content. 


I am currently reading a book called “StoryBrand” by Donald Miller. This book has been so intriguing and such a good read thus far. I have been trying to read different marketing type books for the past couple months to help me build my knowledge on the subject and it has been very helpful.

I find a lot of joy with everything I have been doing with BY. Everything that I have learned will help me succeed tremendously in the future.