Intern Blog | Part 4

Brand Yourself has given me many opportunities to interact with our clients. This month, I am going to talk about some of my favorite parts of working with our clients. It was challenging for me to narrow down which specific clients I wanted to talk about since I enjoy them all! A few that I will be discussing are Hop & Barrel Brewing, River Valley Veterinary Service, & Brand Yourself Consulting.

Hop & Barrel

In my last blog, I discussed how I enjoy doing editorial calendars for our clients. Well, Hop & Barrel is always a pleasure to do. The guys at H&B show great joy in what they do and always make such funny content. When looking at content created, my favorite is “Brian and his beard”. It is always great to see those pictures of Brian because that beard is definitely something special! I enjoy the atmosphere that H&B has, and how they can usually bring a smile to my face every time I look at their pictures/videos!

River Valley Veterinary Service

I feel like it could be a little obvious why this River Valley's content is so enjoyable. Going to collect content for this client is always one of my favorite jobs to do. We get to see so many different cats & dogs. Who doesn’t love seeing animals, right? Every time our team goes, my goal is to see how many dogs I can pet! I guess it can be alright creating content too… just kidding! I do enjoy going and listening to the different vets talk about tips and things to know about our animals! 

Brand Yourself

Being able to work in this type of environment has been one of the exceptional experiences of my life. I enjoy everything I do for BY, whether it is reports, editorial calendars, blogs, and the list could go on. Brand Yourself has put me into perspective of what I genuinely want to do in the future. I enjoy when I get to go on “adventures” as I call them when we go visit clients. Collecting content with the team is always an enjoyable time & there is always so much laughter.

Overall, it has been my pleasure to meet and work with our clients over these past 4 months. It was not difficult to find something I enjoy about our clients. I hope to continue to grow in this area of work & be able to find as much joy in future jobs as I do in this one.