Creating a Habit of Gratitude

2018 has been, without a doubt, the most rewarding, challenging and incredible year of my life.

My husband and I joke and often wonder when our lives will slow down. In the last four years we have moved across the country, dealt with unemployment and new jobs, got married, moved across the country again, bought a house and started a family. It seems each year brings with it a new life changing decision. And while these decisions can be extremely stressful, each one fills me with an abundance of gratefulness. I am lucky to be able to point my life in the direction I choose, and blessed that my decisions have been met with encouragement and support.

Practicing daily gratitude has become increasingly important to me through these years. I have not always been as happy and encouraged as I feel in this moment. But I have found when faced with phases of difficulty, a habit of gratitude and listing out my blessings has restored and energized my mentality.

This year, I am most thankful for: 

My Devoted Husband 

My better half, my saving grace, my diamond in the rough...I could use cliché after cliché to describe Robert, and they would all be true. Watching him become a father has only been a confirmation of how great of a soul this man has. He is constantly searching for ways to enhance our life and make things easier. He does the dishes, gets Tucker's bottles ready in the morning, gives me foot massages and so much more. But where he truly shines is in play - I could watch my two boys laugh and crawl around the floor for hours.

My Son and the Gift of Motherhood

Wowza. Motherhood. The greatest and most intense challenge and gift. The days since Tucker joined our family have been my absolute favorite. I have loved watching him grow and develop - he's well on his way to walking and says "dada" every chance that he gets. But I have also enjoyed watching myself grow. As I'm sure everyone will tell you, the first couple of months were difficult - spent constantly worrying if what I was doing was correct and questioning how I was supposed to keep this small human alive. But as time has progressed, things have gotten easier and I have fell comfortably into my role as "mama".

Our Strong Support System

To me, family is everything (again with the cliches…). Robert and I spent a good chunk of time in North Carolina, watching our families from afar. We missed out on many big events, and finally decided enough was enough. Since we have returned home, we spend as much time as possible with family. And I am constantly amazed by them and their willingness to help in any situation. To offer support - be it emotional, logistical, financial - whenever they can. They are the backbone of who we are and have provided a strong foundation which guides and encourages us daily. 

A Passion for Work

After Tucker entered our lives, I was not looking forward to going back to work. Having a child is life and priority changing, and I was searching for an option that would allow me to be home more. Enter Brand Yourself. Not only have I been able to work part time and spend countless more precious hours with Tucker, but I am doing what I truly have a passion for at a company that shares my core values.

"The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see." - Dr. Robert Holden