The Dangers of Multitasking

I don't know about you, but lately I've had a monkey mind. I have so many different things running through my brain at any given moment that I find it hard to do any ONE thing well. If I'm sitting here trying to write this blog -- I'm also texting back a friend about plans for Friday. If I'm finally taking a moment to read, I remember I haven't made the haircut appointments yet and Easton is starting to roll out his hockey hair at age 4. The WORST kind of distraction is scrolling through Facebook (before you judge, it IS my job) or responding to emails as they come in.

Multitasking. As a business owner I do it all the time. I'm digging through old bank statements to give to the accountant right before my big meeting with a potential new client. I mean, I even pride myself on it! Just LOOK at how much I can do at one time! Yes, I'll:
  • Volunteer for an ice arena campaign while trying to grow a business
  • Stay home with the kids for (multiple) snow days and still get work done
  • Read 18 books at a time, while listening to a podcast (or 100) and tell all my closest friends about them all
  • Build a house, move office spaces, train in team members, and try to be a nice wife in the same 2 months
  • Remain in the business development role for Brand Yourself while still working in the weeds (also known as production in my world)
You get the point. I try to do A LOT. I keep telling myself that it is coming from a place of generosity. I also tell myself that it is good. I can handle it. I tell myself that I'm saving money by doing it myself and that it is just easier and quicker if I handle EVERYTHING. I started looking at all of my 2019 goals and realized I was going to have to be more productive in the time I had during the day. How was that going to happen? How could I increase productivity?

Then. I listened to a podcast interview of Jay Papasan. He is one of the authors of The ONE Thing. I (of course) have a copy of his book. I took some time to jot down some of the truth around multitasking:
  • 20% of what we do will give us 80% of our results
  • Researchers estimate we lose 28% of an average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness
  • ACTIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY are NOT the same thing
  • You develop a distorted sense of how long things take
  • Multitaskers make more mistakes
  • It takes you longer and dumbs down your work

There was something else mentioned on this podcast that made me think -- our phones were engineered to make it attractive to us -- to make it addictive. The average person checks their email or other programs 37 times per HOUR. And how it ACTUALLY takes 66 days to form a habit? Craziness.

Now -- why does all of this matter? How does this apply to you?

If you're trying to market your business WHILE running your business, you're multitasking. If you spend even a few minutes each day to figure out what you should be posting to Instagram or Facebook instead of working on what is MOST important in your business -- you're actually losing time. You're losing MONEY. And let's be real -- it takes more than just a FEW MINUTES.

What if you could focus on your marketing for a few hours each month so your posts would go out automatically? You wouldn't have to think about it EVERY DAY?! Wouldn't that be amazing? Well -- as an agency -- that is what we do. We are masters of automation. We automate all of our campaigns and our clients campaigns -- including the reports.

And -- we are willing to teach you.

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