Client Campaign Inspires Kindness | #RAKWeek2018

I am constantly in awe of my clients. I'm surrounded by such wonderful humans. They inspire me to be a better business owner, community member and ultimately a better person. This week I've been putting together a campaign for ServiceMaster by Ayotte that is completely about spreading kindness. Every year that I've worked with Beth (which depending on how much you know of our story began 20 years ago -- for real) she's embraced The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation's Day of Kindness. Now that DAY has grown to an entire WEEK.

That week starts Sunday. Check out information surround the week by reading the blog we put together over at ServiceMaster. <<Click HERE link to read it!>>

I try to spread kindness when I can. My daughter and I love to leave unexpected, generous tips to our favorite servers. I remember my dad used to pull out 5 crisp $100 bills and give them to random people he figured needed it. He was also a man who went to the retirement home and donated socks, blankets, and other items needed. I love buying coffee for the person after me at the coffee shop. I bought dinner for someone sitting by themselves at a restaurant once. I'm sure you've noticed that most of these random acts I've mentioned involve cash but they don't have to. Our new neighbors shoveled off our driveway (which is NOT small) when my hubby broke his foot this winter. I've sent texts to the peeps in my life just to tell them how grateful I am for them and love having them in my life. I think the last one I sent was to a friend of mine (Heidi, this is you) telling her that there was an entire podcast that while I listened to it, it reminded me of her and her "life's too short" mindset. We all need those people in our lives who remind us to loosen up and laugh a bit more often. Kindness, it feels damn good. It feels good to give it and to receive it.

It also feels damn good to set up an entire campaign around random acts of kindness for ServiceMaster by Ayotte. I felt this one deserved some recognition. If you're looking for inspiration on how you can spread some kindness this week (or this YEAR) make sure to download the calendar from ServiceMaster's blog. Today's prompt is to "invite a group of people you know to the happiest of happy hours and spend an hour doing kind acts for others."

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How freaking cool is that. Let us know if this inspired some acts of kindness by commenting on our blog or sharing a story on social media!