How to Take Great Photos of Beer

I hope you're ready for this...your photos suck. There we said it. And if you're reading this blog, you know it too. Have no fear, we are here to spill the "hops" on how to take great photos of beer!

Use a Good Camera - Most of our shots are taken on an iPhone 8 Plus or newer, Portrait mode makes taking a great shot even easier.

Get a Tripod - There are a ton of affordable options online, take a look and see what will work best with your device. 

Know Your Voice - Developing a good voice will create something that you followers can latch onto. Not sure on your voice? We can help with that, learn more about our 3 month brewery strategy package.

Consider the Elements - Lighting, backgrounds, and surface texture. All of these things go into the totality of the shot. 

Step Outside - Don't be afraid to step our of your brewery and tap room, let your surroundings inspire you. Use your imagination!

Use Natural Lighting - Flash will take away from the vibrancy of the photo, so do yourself a favor and don't use it. 

If you love your beer, it'll show in your photos. Have fun with this! Every photo or video has a story to tell, and we can't wait to see yours.

Still not sure how to get the photos you are looking for? Beer-lieve me, we understand.

Download our complete guide on How to Take Kick Ass Photos of Beer