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Which Ad Metrics Really Matter

If you've dabbled in social media ads, you know how intimidating they can be. There seem to be a million different metrics like CPC, CTR, and CPM…seriously, what do those even mean?!? And even if you've decoded what they stand for, which ones are the most important? How do you know which ones to look at? Which ones really matter to YOUR business? 

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Which metrics matter varies with each ad campaign and goal. If you're in retail, your goal will likely be new sales or conversions. If you're in the service industry, your goal might be to generate new leads to enter into your workflows. If you're a brewery, your goal may be to increase brand awareness as you start to distribute in new areas. Having a specific objective defines your metrics.

Below are 4 of the ad optimization options we use daily, and which metrics you should pay the most attention too: 

Lead Generation

  • Results - How many leads did you actually collect?
  • Result Rate - What percentage of the people who viewed your ad became leads?
  • Relevance Score - Were the people viewing your ads actually interested in what you offer?
  • Cost per Result - How much did you pay to acquire your new leads?

Brand Awareness

  • Impressions - How many times was your ad seen?
  • Reach - How many different people saw your ad?
  • Frequency - How often did each person see your ad?
  • CPM - How much did you pay to have 1000 ad views?


  • *Conversions - How many people saw your ad, went to your website and made a purchase?
  • **Adds to Cart - How many people added an item to their cart?
  • Cost per Result - What was your customer acquisition cost?

Website Traffic

  • Landing page views - How many people spent time on the page you directed them too?
  • CTR - What percentage of the people who viewed your ad clicked through to your website?
  • Relevance Score - Were the people viewing your ads actually interested in what you offer?
  • CPC - How much did you pay for each visit to your website?

While these results are important, the MOST important step is what you do with them. How do you take these results, improve on them for the next month and continue to increase your ROI? If you're having trouble with this, we would love to help! Contact us today!


*In order to track this, you will need a Pixel installed on your website

**If these leads don’t convert, this is a great chance to run an abandoned cart campaign

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