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on great brands, best practices, and bringing intention

Client Campaign Inspires Kindness | #RAKWeek2018

I am constantly in awe of my clients. I'm surrounded by such wonderful humans. They inspire me to be a better business owner, community member and ultimately a better person. This week I've been putting together a campaign for ServiceMaster by Ayotte that is completely about spreading kindness....

The Gift of Story

Every year over the holidays I like to make an appearance at the offices of our clients with a treat of some sort. In the past, it has been beer from one of the breweries we work with or a retail product from one client to gift to others. This year, while trying to get into the spirit of the...

Gratitude and Grief

Gratitude then grief. Grief then gratitude. Which comes before the other? It seems these days the scales tip depending on the wind. 2017 has been a year of both for me.  Grief AND gratitude.

Finding My WHY Through Grief

2017 started out as a year of great change for me, my family, and my business. On January 16th, while sitting in my office at Brand Yourself, I received the phone call that my dad had died. He fell in his garage. And died. At that moment, and many since, I have lost my footing. For the past 4...

Craft Brewers Conference 2016 -- Hello, Philadelphia!

“Holy shit you guys! I’ve been thinking about what to say since December 3rd….”

Best Places to Work Outside of an Office

Ready to ditch the office? We listed some of our favorite places to work. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot or somewhere without distractions, you're likely to find a work space that best fits your needs. Do you love working in more than one space? Don't be afraid to rotate work locations...

The Nine Most Awkward Moments on Social Media

If you're a Social Media Manager, you've definitely experienced awkward and sometimes strange moments on the job. There's no avoiding it. When something really awkward happens, you put on your best face and try your hardest to rectify the situation. But, let's be real. No slightly traumatizing...

Work-Life Balance for the Social Media Manager

Between your smartphone and your computer, you can hardly escape from the 24/7 world of social media that demands your attention. Notifications are constantly popping up, from both your personal accounts and your clients' accounts. It seems like the retweets, the likes, the shares, the comments,...