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on great brands, best practices, and bringing intention

How to Develop Your Beer Voice

We've been around the brewery. (See what I did there -- we've been around the brewery, not the block. Ha! Humor is definitely part of our voice.)

How to Create Custom Instagram Highlights

It's no secret, Instagram is by far my favorite social app. There are so many possibilities, and sometimes I get lost engaging, scrolling through the photo grids, and watching the stories.

What to Consider During a Rebrand

Our branding philosophy here at Brand Yourself revolves around creating powerful, lasting brand identities that speak not only to your creative mind, but also to the business you aim to build. While a brand identity may start with a logo, it is SO much more. Your brand is a mixture of visual...

Strategy and Brand for a Startup Brewery

In March of 2016, Tami was invited to speak in front of thousands of craft beer brewers at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia. Tami spoke on the importance of creating a strong brand and social media strategy for your beer, brewery, and taproom. Her speech was recorded and is still...

Not the Kind You Put On a Cow's Butt

When Tasha came to work at Brand Yourself and we were getting set to order her new business cards -- we first had to determine the appropriate title -- then had to put the printer to work. Her title became Ambassador of Buzz -- the business cards haven't made it to the printer yet....

Creating A Brand

Creating a brand, redesigning a logo, and refreshing a company’s image are all exhilarating processes. A company’s brand should say everything about them: who they are, what they do, what they stand for, and who they want to be. While some elements of a company may remain consistent across time,...