The Podcast That Changed it All

It started out as a normal Sunday morning. Jason went golfing, Easton woke up before 8am wanting Superman ice cream for breakfast, I made some coffee and started scrolling through Instagram. All of the beautiful images and authentic stories that I see from some of the women I follow is so inspiring. I thought, "I want to be in a position to inspire other women. How can I use my platform to encourage conversations about what is important to me?"


I’ve had a pull from the universe these past few years to share more. Share my scars and the stories of connection, grief, mental health, parenting chats, spirituality, meditation, and all the ways that makes me human. I have struggled with how that should look. Am I a personal brand sharing a journey? Is it more of a memoir? Is it more than one project? I own so many domains for these topics:,,, and of course


Where do all of the stories that I hold in me live? Where online can they take up space? Will my clients at Brand Yourself want to hear about my struggles with mental health? Would it be on brand to share what Addison and I chat about when she is stressed out after a long week? I’m not an expert about grief, but I know I’m not alone in what I feel while I’m in it. Does that mean I can talk about it?


Then, I heard Kate Arends say this on Jenna Kutcher’s podcast.


“This story was no longer mine to hold anymore. It was mine to give to others, so hopefully they can see themselves in it.”


It FINALLY sunk in.


I’m not sure what the answer is to the question of "who" these stories should come from. But I’m not going to allow this uncertainty to hold me back anymore. This question has held me back from taking steps forward. I have blogs written and not posted. I’ve posted blogs but not shared them in the way that I’ve been trained. Let’s move on. Fail and fail fast is one of my mottos for Brand Yourself – let’s lean into that.


It’s time to let people in a little. Maybe they can see themselves in my stories or the stories that my platform can help curate.


Hard conversations happen all the time. Most of us try to navigate AWAY from them. I’m asking people to LEAN IN to them. I want to encourage brands to have more authentic conversations with their followers. (We do this through our work at Brand Yourself.) I want to encourage parents to have real conversations with their kids about social media and to stop being afraid of it. I want to encourage people to talk openly about mental health and help stop the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety. I really want to talk about how damn hard it can be to be an entrepreneur. And grief. Oh my goodness, I want to start normalizing grief. Our society desperately needs to create space for grief.


Brand Yourself: Helping Brands (and Humans) feel Empowered to Connect and have Deeper Conversations.


Watch for it. We’re comin’ for you, internet.


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