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Nutrition That Resonates

I like numbers. Like, REALLY like numbers. You may think I'm strange (I know Tonya does 😀) but I use data to drive most of the decisions, big or small, that I make. I'll research the ever living crap out of an item before making a purchase and I love the confidence it brings. I could look at...

How to Develop Your Beer Voice

We've been around the brewery. (See what I did there -- we've been around the brewery, not the block. Ha! Humor is definitely part of our voice.)

How to Create Custom Instagram Highlights

It's no secret, Instagram is by far my favorite social app. There are so many possibilities, and sometimes I get lost engaging, scrolling through the photo grids, and watching the stories.

How to Go All Out for Holiday Parties This Year

As you've probably already noticed, going extra for the Holiday season is a thing. Whether you are heading to an ugly Christmas sweater party or you just want to get fa-la-la-la-festive, here are some ideas to be merry and bright: The traditional ugly Christmas sweater... Hot glue a Christmas...

Which Ad Metrics Really Matter

If you've dabbled in social media ads, you know how intimidating they can be. There seem to be a million different metrics like CPC, CTR, and CPM…seriously, what do those even mean?!? And even if you've decoded what they stand for, which ones are the most important? How do you know which ones to...

Today, I am Grateful for CHOICE

It’s the number one lesson my dad taught me. You will always have a choice. Choice is something that can never be taken away from you. You have the choice on how you react to something. You have the choice about what path you take. You can choose who your friends are. You can even choose your...

Gratitude and Growth

Let's face it, growth can be scary. Whether that is personal or professional, it isn't always easy. 2018 has been a year of growth for me, and as I reflect on it, it brings me a flood of emotions: happy, sad, anxious, proud, the list goes on.

Creating a Habit of Gratitude

2018 has been, without a doubt, the most rewarding, challenging and incredible year of my life.

4 Ways to Improve Your Ad Targeting

Advertising with Facebook (who also owns Instagram!) allows you to easily connect with your target audience. Whether you are trying to bring new leads into your sales funnel or convert current leads into customers, being able to reach these people in the right place and at the right time greatly...

10 Tips for Creating a Holiday Marketing Plan

The holiday season is upon us! Are you ready? You're already late. There is no better time than now to start thinking about your holiday marketing plan. The earlier you can start planning your holiday strategy, the better! Here are 10 tips to help make you stand out this holiday season: