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Intern of Chaos | Part 3

Officially done at Brand Yourself this summer! I couldn’t be more thankful for Tami having me apart of the team for a little while. I learned a lot and I’m excited to see how it affects what I choose as my major.

August has been a really crazy month, I went to New York to visit family, came home for a couple of days and drove three hours to Tami’s cabin for a long weekend. Plus, I’ve been stressed saying goodbye to my high school friends before they leave for college and packing up my things before my college drop off day . This month I worked on similar things I had over the summer. Some specific projects were:

  • Edited hero shots
  • Wrote blogs
  • Sat in on my first interview
  • Posted Insta stories
  • Learned how Facebook ads work
  • And video editing

Again, I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing opportunity I had working with Brand Yourself. Caity, Tami, and Tonya thank you for teaching me about all you guys do and never getting too annoyed with all my questions, truly you guys made this summer enjoyable.

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