Do you need to fix your bike?

Hey everyone. Tami here.  

In the last 10 years of owning my own business, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I took a break from production to actually spend time IN my brand. 

Maybe that’s why, as I was listening to a podcast on my way into work the other day, a certain phrase that I heard stuck out to me: 
You have to get off the bike in order to fix the bike. 

I'm sure a lot of you can relate. 

We keep moving forward with the next thing on our to-do list, leaving our own priorities at the bottom, usually left undone day after day. Then, it suddenly occurs to me that I need to pause and spend time fixing what is broken before I can hop back on and keep peddling. 

What might be broken may be fixed by simply delegating one task to a teammate -- or it may be something difficult such as needing to document processes and implement new software. Either way, it requires a pause. 
If I filter this statement through a marketing lens, I could start to see what I'm missing in my communications. Some of the most common oversights I see when it comes to a company's marketing campaigns are: 

  • Their social media has zero strategy. They are just throwing shit at the wall hoping some of it sticks and people engage with the content. 
  • They are confusing marketing with sales. Marketing's job is not to sell, but to generate more sales conversations. 
  • They don't know their brand. I'm not just talking about their visual brand -- a brand is every interaction you have with a potential customer from the awareness stage all the way to the buying stage. What are people saying about you when you leave the room is something you can control by being clear and consistent. 
  • They aren't clear on WHO they are talking to when marketing their products and services. Content that tries to attract everyone attracts no one. 
  • They aren't collecting email addresses. Your email list is the only thing you own -- you don't own your Facebook Fans or Instagram Followers. If those platforms go away, so does your audience. Establishing an email strategy should be number one on your list for Q3 of 2021! 


Taking a step back and "pausing" can feel so counterintuitive. At some point over the last year, we were all forced to sit and do nothing. It can be super uncomfortable. 
I promise you though, the space you create inside your head will allow for ideas to flow and gaps to become clear. Take a step back and look at all parts of your business to make sure the bike is ready to roll. If you're looking for a bike mechanic to take a peek and tell you what you may need, let us know! We are here! 

(You can even book time with me now to get something on the schedule – the first meeting is FREE!)