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5 Things to Consider When Building Your Personal Brand

How to leverage your personal brand to build your business. Brand Yourself is known for leveraging personal brands to grow businesses. We help businesses show up on social media by bringing YOU into…

Do you need to fix your bike?

Hey everyone. Tami here.  

5 Tips to drive more traffic to your website

We are in the business of digital marketing. Social media, websites, email newsletters, the Google, all the things. (You're saying, "Duh, Tami. That's why we are here.")

Open The Front Door Project

The Brand Yourself Team is asking you (yes, YOU) to Open The Front Door. Confused? Don't be. We'll explain. The last few months have been… a lot (and that's an understatement). Businesses large and…

We Know You Hate Social Media. We Do Too Sometimes!

There is a rumble happening in the social media world right now. People are sick of their phones. They take time away from Facebook and Instagram to reconnect with their loved ones. Tech-free dinners…

The Podcast That Changed it All

It started out as a normal Sunday morning. Jason went golfing, Easton woke up before 8am wanting Superman ice cream for breakfast, I made some coffee and started scrolling through Instagram. All of…

How to Develop Your Beer Voice

We've been around the brewery. (See what I did there -- we've been around the brewery, not the block. Ha! Humor is definitely part of our voice.)

Three Things To Do If You Can't Afford a Social Media Manager

First, start saving. Ha! Totally kidding.

Not the Kind You Put On a Cow's Butt

When Tasha came to work at Brand Yourself and we were getting set to order her new business cards -- we first had to determine the appropriate title -- then had to put the printer to work. Her title…

Finding My WHY Through Grief

2017 started out as a year of great change for me, my family, and my business. On January 16th, while sitting in my office at Brand Yourself, I received the phone call that my dad had died. He fell…