Brand Yourself Client Receives National Public Affairs Award!

We’re excited to share that one of our long-time clients, College City Beverage, was recently recognized by the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) during the the NBWA’s 80th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nev.!

College City Beverage was awarded for their Outstanding Communications and Public Affairs Initiatives as a company who “effectively uses communications initiatives to advocate for and promote the beer distribution industry”.

“College City Beverage stands out when it comes to promoting the value that beer distributors deliver to Minnesota’s communities and consumers,” said NBWA President & CEO Craig Purser. “While most distributors work closely with brewers and retailers to promote new brands through point-of-sale promotional efforts and marketing efforts, College City also works to build brands through creative public relations projects and influential media initiatives.”

Specific initiatives were highlighted by NBWA, were their user-friendly website, their monthly Account Features where they highlight one of retail partners each month and their Crowned Kings of the Month where they recognize their outstanding employees.

Purser continued, “College City also finds value in using creative PR initiatives to build brands and build relationships with brewer partners, retail partners and their hometown community.”

We're proud to partner with College City Beverage to assist them with these initiatives and are excited they are being recognized for the work they are doing in the industry! Way to go team!