What to Consider During a Rebrand

Our branding philosophy here at Brand Yourself revolves around creating powerful, lasting brand identities that speak not only to your creative mind, but also to the business you aim to build. While a brand identity may start with a logo, it is SO much more. Your brand is a mixture of visual logos, colors, textures, as well as, a voice, your values, and the way you present your business online and in print.

Creating a distinctive brand requires you to delve deep into your business’ core identity and bring it to fruition through design, text, and user experience. A strong brand is the foundation for all your business’ marketing efforts.

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Discovery Session

We start with a Discovery Session. During this time, we really love hearing all about you, your business, your hopes & dreams, and everything in between. It’s during this Discovery Session we learn all that your new brand can be! We ask you questions like, “What are your core values?” “Where does your ideal customer shop? What does she read? What does he do in his free time?” and even some others like “What colors make you feel happy?” and on and on and on for about three more hours. You can imagine that we learn quite a bit about you and your business during this time!

Vision Board

After our Discovery Session, our team meets and talks through all that we heard and felt – there are some things you simply can’t find the words for and that’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Next, we begin building a Pinterest board with all things inspired by you, your core beliefs and your business’ target audience. All those wonderful details you mentioned or eluded to during our Discovery Session come to life and we pull them for you to see. The birth of your rebrand has begun! We add colors, textures, art & photography that evoke a mood, fonts, brilliant logo designs, logo elements & icons, and other full branding guides that touch on a very specific aspect of your future brand. We invite you and key members of your team to view and add to the board as well. When the board is complete, we meet and review what you love about each “pin”.


Next up? The real fun starts! We begin the design process. Throughout this process, we meet with you and show you preliminary designs and then build upon those that give you the warm fuzzies deep in your core. We may not get it right on the first try, but we are dedicated to you and your brand and will work tirelessly until we have found “it”! We are confident you will love the final, completely customized look. Lastly, we give you all the tools you need to bring your new rebrand out into the public eye. We cheer you on whenever we see your new brand being utilized on social media profiles, business cards, signage, client agreements, letterhead, attire, website and so much more. The road map (aka branding guide) you receive will lead you so you know, with confidence, that you are always using the elements of your brand to their fullest extent. If you have questions along the way, we are always here to help!

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