Inspiration To Help Your Beer Distributor Market Your Brewery

Inspiration To Help Your Beer Distributor Market Your Brewery

Here at Brand Yourself, we talk a lot about making it easy for your beer distributor to market on behalf of your brewery. A large part of this process is creating and sharing quality content for their blogs and social media. But, what does that look like? We're sharing a few specific strategies examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Create a campaign.

You don't want to inundate your distributors with every piece of content you create. Instead, opt for a short-term campaign built to promote a specific product or message. A specific message can keep your brewery top-of-mind for the social media team. Collect plenty of content and information about the message to share with their social media team. Let them know when the campaign should be pushed, and be sure give them plenty of time to schedule these posts ahead of time.

Tag them.

While every beer distributor has the ability to follow along with your brewery on social media, chances are they'll miss a post or two. If you or your local sales representative posts on social media, tag the distributor so it's easy for them to re-share the content. For example, when a brewery rep is enjoying their beer by the lake, encourage them to snap a photo and tag their distributors on Twitter. This makes a retweet a simple click away.

What kind of content?

You could create content until it comes out your ears. The real trick is to decide what kind of content resonates with your consumers, and to determine how to use your resources to create that content. Here are a few ideas for marketing a new beer:

Images of the beer being brewed

Glamour shots of the beer

Video of the brewer describing the beer

Blog posts introducing the brew - Inspiration, details about the brewing process, where it will be available, tasting notes, information about the label art

Infographics detailing the ingredients

Food pairing recommendations

Food/drink recipes with the brew

Graphic with an image of the beer and a brief description introducing it (like a sell sheet that can be made public)

Snapchat geo-filter over the taproom with custom beer art

Hashtag for the beer

Fan photos. Take this to the next level by creating a contest and encouraging a theme related to the beer or the brand (eg. if the beer is called Skyscraper, require fan photos to feature a skyscraper)

What does this look like? Here's a look at work we've done.

Submissions from our #ForageFor Instagram contest for Forager Brewery. We asked followers to tell us what they forage for, which is the root of Forager's brand.

Instagram ForageFor Collage

Glamour shots of the hops they grow, and the beer they brew.

_KAR1954 ForagerOpening-34

An image created for College City Beverage, using recipes sent to us by a brand representative for RESQWATER, one of the beverages they distribute.

Bloody Tommy

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