Social Media Post Inspiration

Social Media Post Inspiration

Creating content on a consistent basis can get challenging. Everyone needs inspiration to keep their page entertaining and to engage their audiences. Brand Yourself works with many different types of businesses - from craft beer distributors to printing companies. Our posts range from photos of employees behind the scenes, to long-form content such as blog posts and curated articles.

Regardless of your industry, you need to keep your content fresh and consumable. Here are some of the strategies we use to create content for our clients.

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Create branded images

Branded images are photos or graphics that have your logo or business name on it. We use custom photography of the client’s space or use textures and quotes that we know will catch our fans’ eyes. Here are some of our recent examples:

Allegra Branded Image 1  Best friends bring beer
You can use simple tools such as Canva to create these graphics. We use these branded images across multiple platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest as well!

Share posts from strategic partners on a regular basis

We love to give a little social media love to our strategic partners (for example, our graphic designer, people we admire in the industry, and causes that we support in the community). You can share posts that others create right to your business page, that way you give them credit and have great content to share to your audience.

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Pay attention to special holidays

There are holidays that get people talking - such as National Drink Wine Day or National IPA Day. These types of posts when paired with a creative headline or graphic will create some engagement. Here is an example of what we did for a client on National Drink Wine Day this year with the caption “We think this might be the best day of the year!”

Special Holiday

Share links to your old blogs

Posting regular links to blogs that are still relevant is a great way to increase traffic to your website and breath life into old content. Just be sure to make sure the content is still relevant.

Post links to curated articles

The content you post on your page doesn’t always have to be original content. It can be curated from trusted sources or articles that you find interesting or informative. Providing your audience with information that they can learn from builds trust and sets you up as an industry expert.

Look at what your competitors are doing

As inspiration, I usually will search Facebook for pages that have the same target market as I do and take a look at what is working for them (while paying close attention to what isn’t working as well). Now, don’t be a pirate and steal ideas or images, but gaining inspiration from other pages is a great way to spur your own creativity.

Post photos and videos of you and your team

The campaigns that perform the BEST are the ones that showcase the personalities behind the brands. The types of posts that have survived the algorithm changes on Facebook are the ones that show and honest and transparent look at the people behind the brands. Photos of your pets at the office or your kids stealing your papers (or even yet, coloring on them) will always win over the hearts of your audience. Put it out there, you won’t regret it.

Otto the construction dog

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