Show Your Customers Some LOVE!

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're a small business owner, you know the importance of showing your customers that you value their business. So, why not show your customers some love this February? We've put together a list of GREAT customer appreciation ideas. How do you show customer appreciation? Comment below!

  • Customer Appreciation Day (or Week) – Let your customers know you appreciate them by planning a customer appreciation day (or week). Host a special event for your customers or offer discounted services.
  • Handwritten Note & Gift – Let customers know you value their business by writing a personal, handwritten note. Sometimes attaching a small gift or a gift-card can go a long way!
  • Let Customers Test Your New Products – If you have special customers that use your services/purchase your products often, you may want to ask them to test your new products! They'll give you honest feedback and appreciate that you thought of them first!
  • Reward Referrals – Did one of your customers refer a new client or buyer to your business? Reward that customer with a small handwritten note or gift. Always to make sure you say: Thank You!
  • Share Your Knowledge – Customers tend to value any knowledge you offer them. Think of “sharing your knowledge” as giving a little free advice. Keep a weekly blog or offer discounted consulting services. Your customers will appreciate your willingness to share.
  • Fun Social Media Giveaway – Reward your online followers with a fun giveaway. You can get creative with the different social media posts and gifts – plan a fun scavenger hunt for your customers in the store or make your giveaway into a silly online contest.