The Nine Most Awkward Moments on Social Media

If you're a Social Media Manager, you've definitely experienced awkward and sometimes strange moments on the job. There's no avoiding it. When something really awkward happens, you put on your best face and try your hardest to rectify the situation. But, let's be real. No slightly traumatizing middle school dance or embarrassing first date prepared you for this.

When someone posts a comment that makes absolutely no sense:


Whhhaaaa? What does this even mean?

When someone calls you out on a mistake:

giphy (1)

Oops. Sorry?

When someone comments using a single question mark:

giphy (2)

Do you need clarification? Are you confused about life? Do you communicate only with question marks?

When someone asks a question and you don't know the answer:

giphy (3)

On second thought, let me get back to you on that.

When you tag another account and they don't respond:


Hello! ...okay, nevermind.

When you post a funny meme and no one understands it:



When a follower openly asks: Who writes these posts?

giphy (4)

I'll give you one guess. Just kidding. You'll never know.

When an argument between followers gets out of control:

giphy (5)

Please. No more.

When someone posts an inappropriate picture on your account:

giphy (6)
giphy (7)

DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. Why would you do that?!

Do you have an awkward moment you'd like to share? Comment below!