When Parents Join Facebook

It finally happened. Mom or Dad created their own Facebook page. Should you add them as a friend? Do they even know what Facebook is? Oh goodness, did they just post a google search in a Facebook status? Oh no, did they comment on my best friends's Facebook page ten times today? Please, no. Stop.



If you've friended a parent (or grandparent) on Facebook, hilarity was likely to ensue. We've definitely struggled to get our older relatives up to speed, but for others, the struggle is real and continues. Here's some of our favorite parent Facebook fails:

1. Too much information, Grandpa.

2. We learn new things every day.

3. Just some friendly advice.


4. There's no place for foul language on the Internet! Jeez, Jasmyn.

5. Their love is an everlasting love.


6. This is getting out of hand, Mom.


Do you have an embarrassing Facebook story involving your parents? Comment below!

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