What elements make up a good content strategy?

Believe it or not, there is a strategy when putting together posts for your Facebook page, Twitter account or any other social media platform. You need to think about things such as: What is going to create the most engagement? What do your customers want to learn about? Does your brand have a personality? Some things to keep in mind when putting together a plan – yes a PLAN – would be:

Mix it up. Post a variety of different types of content. Videos, photos, articles, quotes, jokes, text updates – like I said, mix it up! Follow your insights to see what type of post resonates more with your followers. Where can you find good interesting content? Subscribe to some blogs, create a Google Alert, follow industry leaders and see what type of content they are posting to help you generate some ideas. Just don’t be a pirate – give credit when credit is due.

Don’t post at the same time everyday. Just because 2:00 in the afternoon is convenient for you to sit down and post to your page doesn’t mean your customer is sitting in front of their computer at that time! One of the biggest misconceptions is that all of your followers will see ALL of your posts. Not true – take a look at how many ‘people have seen this post’. If 2:00 works for you, sit down and 2:00 and utilize the Facebook scheduler to schedule your post ahead of time. I know my page gets the most interaction between 9:00-10:00 at night based on my insights – make sure to check what time works best for your demographic.

Keep it short. 80 characters or less is what will achieve the most ‘reach’ on Facebook. Keep in mind your mobile users! They don’t want to see long paragraphs on their smart phones.

Be creative. Make sure your brand has a personality! The posts that do the best, in my experience, are the ones that include some personal information. Posts that sound more like a friend, not a brand, get the most engagement. It is okay to be a bit quirky with some of your posts! Enjoy a sense of humor – see if you get more interaction!

If you are still stuck (which, I’m sure many of you are!), Brand Yourself, LLC has created a solution to help get you started. We have created a Take-n-Bake Content Strategy that includes 180 industry specific posts to help launch your campaign.

These posts include prompts with photo ideas, articles and suggestions for posts to tweak for your own use. Make this calendar your own! 180 posts should be enough to get your campaign off the ground! Message me for more information or if you don’t see your industry and would be interested in purchasing a calendar. Happy posting everyone!