5 Items Your Facebook Page Needs to Succeed

We manage a lot of Facebook Pages. We have had time to determine what makes a Page succeed. Here are our top 5 items you need to achieve Facebook marketing success!

  1. Good graphics. Consistent branding is what builds trust with your online influencers. We also call this social proof. If the graphics on your Facebook Cover Photo are similar to the graphics on your website and other social media platforms you are more reliable as a brand than those companies who are not consistent.
  2. A content plan. Many Facebook Pages we come across don't have consistency among their posts. Some are sporadic, some don't post at all and others only post one type of content. By this we mean you need to mix it up. Don't only post status updates - you need to post photos (good photos), videos, articles related to your industry. Also, don't forget that Facebook users don't want to be sold to all the time. If you are only posting information about your next sale, your services or how to next contact you - you will lose followers. Mix up your content - have fun with it!
  3. Build a fan base. Make sure that your real-life contacts know you have a Facebook Page and ask them to 'like' it! Send it out on your newsletter. Include it on your email signature. Make sure the Facebook logo is on your other marketing materials!
  4. Build engagement. Posts should encourage your fans to interact with your Page. Include a call-to-action on your posts using the terms 'like', 'comment' and 'share'! Asking people to 'like' a post generally increases engagement with your Page!
  5. Have a goal. It is difficult to know if your Facebook posts are generating business if you don't have a way to track success or have a measurable goal in mind when launching your campaign. Goals can include; increasing traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, increase sales and becoming an expert in your field.

Implementing these 5 strategies, you will no doubt find an increase in your social media marketing results. Comment below and share with us other items you would suggest to maintain a successful Facebook Page!