Top 10 Reasons to Hire Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself Consulting offers social media strategy, consulting, social media workshops as well as branding & identity services. Knowing this, why should you hire me? Read on!

  1. I'm so focused on my customers that I rarely have time to promote myself - or write blog posts, create my OWN content calendars etc. etc. I'm actually surprised this one got done!!
  2. I know what content marketing is and how it can grow your business.
  3. I'm a pretty big deal - ask around, people will confirm this.
  4. Creativity - I have lots of it!
  5. I'm addicted to Facebook.
  6. I have a degree in graphic design and know how to create social proof for your business.
  7. I know what social proof is.
  8. I know lots of random social media marketing facts like: social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.
  9. I love my family more than anything.
  10. I'm dedicated to seeing your business grow - I have a passion for marketing and will bring enthusiasm and integrity to your campaign.

Now that you know why you should hire me - call today for more information! I am happy to discuss your marketing and branding strategy!!!