Tell Your Story with the use of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term that not in everyone’s vocabulary yet but it is something that every business is doing. Doing well? Maybe. Let’s discuss it.

I have been reading a book called Content Marketing by Rebecca Lieb. It explains what content marketing is and how businesses are using it to create a new customer experience and to sell their products and services. Many businesses are not relying on traditional media outlets to inform the public about their companies – they are becoming publishers themselves. Producing original content and delivering their story through a website, social media platforms and other outlets.

The number one issue for content marketers, according to Lieb, is producing original content. The second largest obstacle is the time it takes to create original content.

Why is it necessary to produce all original content? When I put together a content calendar for my clients I use an 80/20 ratio. 80% of my content is curated from articles written by influencers in the industry, fun pictures or quotes, videos and fun facts just to name a few. The other 20% is content that points to my clients website, talks about specific products and sales and other original pieces of content. Lieb says that a 1/12 ratio is acceptable when it comes to posting original vs. curated content. The trouble lies in deciding what content is good and worth pointing to.

Why bother with any of it?

  • Elevate brand visibility. Get your name out there - rank higher in the search engines.
  • Establish thought leadership. Be a resource for your customers. Become an expert in your field.
  • Secure leads. Need I say more?

Content marketing is what businesses need to be doing. Get on board and start to tell your story by using original content, curated content, pictures, video, audio and whatever else you might think of.

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