Facebook Page Engagement Rate

While you might have different purposes for engaging fans on Facebook, every business will want to know what content creates the most interaction from their fans. If you know what types of content motivates your fans to interact with your page – you can publish that type of content more often to best utilize your Facebook page.

One effective way of doing this is to measure the engagement rate of your page. The engagement rate measures the interaction on a page (comments, likes and shares). I measure engagement rate by taking the ‘People Talking About This’ (PTAT) number divided by the total number of page likes and multiplying by 100. PTAT is the number of people who have interacted with a page through a host of activities such as liking, commenting on it and sharing it over a seven-day period.

So if your page has 100 likes and 15 people are ‘talking about this’ – your engagement rate would be 15%. A more difficult equation would be if you have 367 page likes and 28 people are ‘talking about this’ your engagement rate would be 7%.

There is a debate over what a ‘good’ engagement rate of a page is. While listening to a webinar provided by the Social Media Examiner and Mari Smith it was mentioned that you could expect 2% of your fan base to actually interact with your page. I consider anything over a 2% engagement rate successful. In a local market you can expect much higher results. I have managed pages that have hit a 50-75% engagement rate – keep in mind they don’t remain consistently high – but higher numbers can be reached.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, it is important to have a goal when starting your social media campaign, a way to measure the success of your page. This is a great place to start.