Does Your Social Media Strategy Encourage Mobile Interaction?

Did you know that more than half of Facebook users access the site through their smart phones and mobile devices? Have you considered how this would impact your Brand? How this would impact your social media strategy?

This past May, AdParlor research showed that users accessing Facebook via mobile device are fifteen times more likely to click on an ad (as opposed to computer users). This means that Facebook mobile users are more likely to view your business’ page, interact with your content, and click through to your website.

In addition, Facebook announced on Thursday that users will now be able to “share” links and photos with their mobile devices. Previously, users could only share media on the computer-based Facebook site. Mobile users will now be able to show content to friends and family in a single click. This is a powerful feature, since mobile users are almost twice as likely to “like” a status update, as compared to computer users.

So how can you harness these changes to make the most of your business’ Facebook presence?

1.       Keep your posts short. Eighty characters is ideal; you want to share enough information, without forcing your fans to scroll through a chunk of text.

2.       Be sure to include photos and links relevant to your business. Mobile users are especially willing to share interesting content with their friends. Find funny, interesting, or beautiful graphics and post them on your page.

3.       Ask for what you want. Fans are much more likely to interact with your Facebook page if you ask for a specific result. Attach a call-to-action to every post you make, tell users to “like” this post or “comment here”—but be sure you give the reader a good reason to do so.

There are currently more than 955 million Facebook users. If your business doesn’t have an online presence or social media marketing strategy – you need one.