Why Facebook?

Word of mouth is by far the most powerful form of marketing available. Facebook is a platform for just that. Most small businesses are missing the mark on capturing consumers on Facebook. Facebook allows customers to engage with brands that they respect and allows them to share that information with their friends online. Why isn’t your business utilizing this free marketing tool?

For some the answer is because it is overwhelming and most fear that they will do something wrong and damage their brand forever. Others realize how time-consuming it is and would rather spend time doing what they do best – managing their business. Another glitch in the Social Media world is that it is difficult to provide an ROI for Facebook posts or Tweets. Is there an ROI for each business card you hand out? No, but the potential for business exists with each business card you pass out.

Think of each of your followers or fans as a potential client. Are you engaging with them as much as you would at a trade show or at a networking event? I have a ton of business owners tell me ‘Well, I have a Facebook Page and it doesn’t do anything for my Business’ or ‘I have a personal Facebook account, not a page for my Business’.  If you want a piece of the 8 million potential customers that are on Facebook you need to be utilizing the platform as form of communication, not a destination where you would expect customers to purchase your product just because you ‘have a page’.

 Brand Yourself Consulting has come up with some tips to start engaging with your customers online:

  1. Ask the clients that you do see to become a fan of yours on Facebook. Each time one of your existing client’s comments on a post or engages with your page in any way it will appear on the ‘real-time ticker’ and on the Facebook ‘News Feed’ alerting their personal contacts of your brand.
  2. Ask your personal contacts to become fans of your Business Page. This is a way that your contacts can show support – most people don’t have a problem with that!
  3. Update your Business information. Having your phone number, website information and e-mail easily accessible to consumers is important.
  4. List yourself as the ‘Page Owner’ – If your friends/family are not familiar with your business they will feel more comfortable once they see you as the source of information on the page.
  5. Start posting by providing valuable content. Become a resource. Give your fans a reason to come back and visit your page. The more you post the more times your brand will show up in the News Feed and potentially attract new clients.
  6. Place an ad on Facebook targeting your favorite customer. Facebook advertising is one of the most sophisticated sources to get your message in front of your target market. You can market to individuals with specific interests and likes, or target an age group or gender. The best part is you can set your budget.  I have implemented ads that can cost less than $5.00/day.
  7. Take a look at your current Facebook Page Demographics and create a marketing campaign with that group in mind. Don't re-invent the wheel if you don't have to, speak to who is already connected to your business.

For more information on how Facebook can improve your business or for a FREE Social Media Consultation, please don’t hesitate to call me at (507) 351-9000 or e-mail me at tami@brandyourselfconsulting.com or better yet, go to my Facebook Page and ‘like’ it to continue receiving FREE marketing advice and techniques!